A Shop I designed in a mall in Budapest

Shop 1Shop 2

Shop 3

Shop 5Shop 7Shop 6

A manikin torso I painted in acryl colours and magenta glitter.

This torso is standing inside a niche by the stairs leading up to the second floor.

Shop 4

A piercing shop I designed in the west-End mall Budapest


p.shop 2p.shop 1p.shop 3



5Dog Collars I designed and made, using glass and crystal beads,

*No leather was used to make these collars



A few things I designed in mosaic


 This chair was made from an old 60’s chair painted light blue covered with broken blue bottle and flowers mad from plaster and broken dishes’ it was featured in a Gallery  (2007)


chair 3

A chair I designed

chair 4chair 1

A clock and a mirror covered with blue broken glass from a wine bottle


A recycled chair covered with plaster and recycled glass